ITIE Program revolutionizes internships.

We aim to empower learners to share their expertise and earn simultaneously.

How ITIE Program Works?

By leveraging the knowledge and skills within the intern community, the program empowers interns to both share their expertise and earn rewards, fostering a dynamic and collaborative learning environment.

Enrollment and Skill Assessment

Interns interested in participating in the program sign up and provide details about their skills, areas of expertise, and availability. They also undergo a skill assessment to determine their proficiency in specific subjects or areas.

Matching and Teaching

The ITIE program matches interns with fellow interns who are seeking to learn the skills the former possess. The matching process takes into account the skill requirements and availability of both the teaching intern and the learning intern. Once a match is made, the teaching intern and learning intern connect virtually or in person, depending on the program's format, to begin the teaching sessions. The teaching intern imparts their knowledge, shares insights, and provides guidance to help the learning intern enhance their skills and understanding in the chosen area.

Earn and Feedbacl

After completing the teaching sessions, the learning intern provides feedback on the teaching intern's performance. This feedback helps improve the program and ensures quality teaching experiences for all participants. As a reward for their teaching efforts, the teaching intern earns compensation or incentives determined by the program. This can be in the form of monetary compensation, skill credits, or other mutually agreed-upon benefits


ITIE program promotes skill-sharing, knowledge transfer, and a sense of community among interns.

Empowering Interns

Recognizes that interns possess unique talents and allowing interns to become teachers.

Practical Learning Experience

By teaching their peers, interns develop a deeper understanding of their subject matter. Explaining concepts, answering questions, and guiding others in their learning journey reinforces their own knowledge

Dual Benefit of Learning and Earning

Creates a win-win situation for both teaching and learning interns. Learning interns gain access to affordable and personalized learning experiences directly from their peers, who possess practical insights and experiences in the subject matter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am not a student of BAOIAM. Can I still participate?
Yes, If you are aware of BAOIAM and believe in what we are doing, then feel free to participate.
Q2. How can I track the status of my earning?
You can see it on the website dashboard once you login.
Q3. Who all can participate?
Anyone who has a skill expertise & has passion for teaching.Be it working professional or student.

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