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Having an INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE before getting into professional life is like ICING ON THE CAKE.

BAOIAM (Be a one in a million) is a fully certified platform that helps millions of students to become the one shining star in the cohort. At BAOIAM, students get into the internship roles they want to pursue in the future. Post this they get a golden chance to take those roles as responsible leads where they get the mentor support & guidance. Along with the internship the students get an opportunity to learn & explore in that particular field. As we all know that theoretical knowledge alone cannot lead to a successful career ahead & to experience the practical knowledge along with acquiring tips & tricks to master the expertise BAOIAM is the best place to get into.

Apart from their skill development BAOIAM provides its interns an opportunity to develop themselves as a person & help them to improve their personality. It teaches them to take responsibilities & initiatives which help them develop their leadership skills & team work. Interns also get a chance to participate in various competititions, hackathons & contests organized by BAOIAM & take active lead roles at the same time. The experience that interns get at BAOIAM makes them ready to crack big MNC’s & unicorn companies.

Interns get the chance to experience mock interviews by the leading personalities of BAOIAM which helps them to find their mistakes & improve their confidence level. They learn the ability to build rapport with the interviewer. In addition they may get access to be the part of the lead team of BAOIAM. Our interns after experience with BAOIAM have been placed at PWC, EY, BYJUS & many more.

Check out our Website to read our intern’s experience diaries with evidences including their word of mouth experience.

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